Img 0046

As you can see we lucked into a good week of weather to repair these grain silos.

We were onsite to make repairs to the internal wall that had rotted out and was letting water in from the outside.

Img 0045

Access and egress from inside the silos was safe and made the project less of challenge.

Img 0040

The drying floors sat about 500mm up from the concrete floor substrate and had to removed so we could get to the lower wall.

Img 0038

The wooden supports were also removed to make the job a lot more doable

Img 0039

Once all the floor was removed, the damage was very visible. The internal wall floor corner had rotted out and was letting rainwater and vermin in from the outside.

Img 0044

After sandblasting the corrugated tin wall and concrete floor, we applied our fibreglass lining system. This ensured the grain in these silos was never going to get wet again and also protected the stock from vermin.