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Project Linings Ltd are experts in applying watertight bund lining systems.

We are working across the UK and Ireland, protecting our clients assets, infrastructure and the environment.

Our fibreglass and epoxy bund lining & coating systems are guaranteed watertight and designed to withstand attack from chemicals, solvents, oils, acids and alkalies.

We can offer turnkey projects to suit your needs.

Legislation insists that bunds must be in good repair, of adequate size and watertight.

Our bund lining systems are compliant with the current Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG2) and SEPA regulations.

Project Linings Ltd work across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland applying watertight lining and coating systems to bunds, tank farms and IBC stores etc.

We have many years working in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors, and are Safe Contractor Scheme approved.

Visit www.safecontractor.com for more details.

All systems applied are designed to be resistant against attack from the primary containment e.g, oils, fuels, aggressive acids and chemicals.

Our bund lining and coating systems adhere to the brick or concrete substrate after preparatory grit blasting, diamond grinding or pressure washing etc.

Our fibreglass bund lining systems and industrial coatings are applied to new and existing bund walls and floors.

Reinforcement fibreglass matting is laid to the internal surfaces and impregnated with resins designed to withstand attack from the primary containment. The wetted-out fibreglass matting moulds and follows the contours of the internal surfaces encapsulating tank plinths, upstands and pedestals. Broken and eroded areas can be rebuilt and reconstructed by adding extra layers of fibreglass matting.

Our bund linings systems create seamless durable membranes with outstanding physical properties.

Our bund linings systems create sealed environments, that are oil and watertight, limiting the risks of potential diesel, fuel, chemical or oil leaks or spillages within the bund.

Refurbishing your bund with our protective linings is the long term cost effective solution satisfying you and the environment.

Project Linings' operatives have decades of experience within the industry and are experts in their field. We provide can detailed reports with recommendations for the future use of any inspected bund.

Key Services include:

Oil Bund Lining, Chemical Bund Lining, Diesel Bund Lining, Wall and Floor Coatings, Bund Repair , Environmental Protection, Protective Coatings, Industrial Lining, Tank Repair, Spill Containment, Potable Water Tank Repair, Industrial Coating, Hygienic Wall Coatings, Fibreglass Bund Lining, Thermoplastic Linings, Abrasive Sandblasting, Surface Preparation, Safe Contractor Scheme, Water Tank Repair, Tank Coating, Storage Tank Repair, Diesel Tank Repair, Confined Spaces