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PROJECT LININGS LTD have been repairing storage tanks and bunds on industrial sites across the UK and Ireland for over 25 years.

Our fibreglass lining & coating systems have been designed to safely store your liquids & solids.

Our tank & bund repair systems are designed to protect your companies assets, infrastructure, and the environment.

We can arrange turnkey projects to suit your needs.


  • Utilities and Facilities Management
  • Food and Drink Manufacturing
  • Distillers and Brewers
  • Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Sewage and Wastewater Treatment
  • Construction and Civil Engineering
  • MOD
  • Local Government
  • Hospitals & Health authorities
  • Environmental Services & Agencies
  • Hotels and Hospitality

  • Storage Tank Repair and Lining
  • Bund Lining and Bund Repair
  • Hygienic Wall Linings & Coatings
  • Flat Roof Renovation
  • Swimming Pool Linings
  • Sandblasting
  • Tank Cleaning Services
  • Storage Tank Inspections
  • Tank erection & decommissioning
  • Industrial Floor Coatings

Project Linings Ltd are specialists in applying protective linings and coatings to underground and above ground storage tanks of all sizes and substrates.

We guarantee the watertightness of our fibreglass lining and industrial coating applications to your oil and chemical tank farm bunds.

We apply solvent free epoxy coating systems to the walls in hospital kitchens, contractors shower blocks & food packing areas etc, to create hygienic washable working environments.

Fibreglass 'simulated lead' flat roof systems can be applied to new and existing roofs, as well as mansards & facades.

Our epoxy screed systems applied to warehouse and factory floors create an easy clean environment.

We have many years working in the industrial and commercial sectors, and are Safe Contractor Scheme approved.

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Providing watertight, chemical and corrosion resistant repairs, using fibreglass (GRP) linings, epoxy coatings, cementious screeds, polyurea and thermoplastic products.

Serving the industrial and commercial sector throughout the UK and Ireland

Our linings and coatings will protect and dramatically extend the life of your storage tanks and bunds safeguarding your assets and the environment.

We have extensive experience in solving your leak, spill containment, corrosion and hygienic control problems.

Our technicians apply in situ, high quality bund linings, tank linings and performance coatings to internal and external surfaces.

Our focus on attention to detail at every step from consultation, surface preparation through to installation, guarantees the success of every repair or refurbishment project. We are firmly committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Bund Repair and Watertight Lining

Legislation insists that secondary containments/ bunds must be in a good state of repair, of adequate size and completely watertight.

Our fibreglass reinforced bund lining & coating systems are applied to new and existing bund walls and floors using a hand lay-up system.

Tank Linings and Coatings

Inspections - Repairs - Refurbishment - Reconstruction - Upgrades

Storage tank repair and refurbishment projects are assessed on the overall condition of the tank, its content, the location and logistics. We have a vast range of tank linings and coatings designed for refurbishing the surfaces of your leaking, deteriorating tanks, using fibreglass, polyurea, mastic and epoxy resin products.

Our product range has been developed to fully support your needs, all systems hold approvals and standards set by WRC, DWI, NSF and WRAS for contact with drinking water and FDA for contact with food and beverages

Our bund and tank lining systems are compliant with the current Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG2) and SEPA regulations.

Key Services include:

Tank and bund lining, wall and floor coatings, bulk storage tank refurbishment, protective coatings, epoxy coatings, polyurethane coatings, industrial linings & coatings, surface protection systems, tank repairs, bund repair, spill containment, fibreglass pipe wrapping, potable water tank repair, WRAS approved coatings, hygienic wall coatings, GRP fibreglass lining, sand blasting, grit blasting, shot blasting, garnet blasting, surface preparation, sprinkler water tank repair, DWI tank coating systems, water storage tank repair, underground diesel tank repair, underground water tank relining, chemical tank repair, oil bund lining, chemical bund lining, diesel bund lining, tank inspections.