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Project Linings have been repairing storage tanks on industrial sites across the UK and Ireland for over 25 years.

We are specialists in repairing and refurbishing storage tanks made from steel, fibreglass, concrete and wood.

Potable and drinking water tanks are repaired with approved epoxy/ polyurethane lining & coating systems.

We repair sprinkler tanks, process water tanks, effluent and wastewater tanks etc.

We repair leaking tanks & vessels- storing petrol, diesel, fuel oils, wines & beers, wet & dry foodstuffs, chemicals & solvents, acids & alkalies etc.

Our site applied fibreglass linings and high performance glass flake epoxy coating systems will protect your companies assets, infrastructure and the environment.

We can offer turnkey projects to suit your needs.

Our watertight waterproofing systems will repair and reconstruct...

  • Fire water storage tanks, sprinkler water storage tanks and deluge tanks
  • Drinking water and potable water tanks to WRAS and DWI specifications
  • Underground and above ground reservoirs
  • Cooling towers, water towers, troughs, channels, wells and pits
  • Crude oil, gas oil and light fuel tanks. Underground & above ground storage tanks
  • Chemical & acid tanks, covering the full PH range
  • Process water tanks, wastewater tanks, settlement & effluent tanks
  • Steep tanks, vats, vessels and silos containing wines and food stuffs, etc.

All tank repairs are carried out by our confined spaces trained operatives.

Project Linings' operatives have unrivalled experience in working on industrial sites across the UK and Ireland and are very aware of the importance to health and safety in every aspect.

Project Linings is an accredited member of the Safe Contractor Scheme.

Visit www.safecontractor.com for more details.


  • Facilities management
  • Food and drink manufacturers
  • Distillers and brewers
  • Oil, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Water and waste water treatment companies
  • Construction and civil engineers
  • MOD, education, health authorities
  • Local government and environment agencies

We can fix your tank. We have a vast range of tank lining systems and protective coatings designed to repair and reconstruct your leaking or deteriorating tanks, using GRP fibreglass linings, cementitious screeds and high performance industrial coatings.

Our fibreglass lining systems form a 'tank within a tank' within the existing, creating a seamless homogenous lining.

Our applied fibreglass lining system will extend the life of your storage tank and provide a long term cost effective alternative to replacement.

Our fibreglass tank lining systems are guaranteed for 25 years.

We carry out the preparatory grit blasting to the surfaces to guarantee the best adhesion of our linings and coatings.

We have tank lining and coating systems that can be applied to new and old concrete, tarmac, asphalt, carbon steel, mild steel, galvanised steel, fibreglass, wood, cast iron and previously painted surfaces etc.

Potable water tank repairs are made using WRAS approved & DWI lining & coating systems.

Drinking water tank repair coatings carry DWI and NSF international approval. These systems are gloss finished for ease of cleaning and light in colour for easy inspection, essential in the prevention of bacterial growth, safeguarding and maintaining the quality of the stored water.

Chlorination is carried out to BS8558 before being putting tanks back into service.

For storing wet / dry foods, or beers wine and beverages we have coatings approved by the USDA and FDA for contact with food and beverages

Tank Cleaning & Inspections. Our site surveyors have decades of experience within the industry and are experts in their field. We can provide detailed reports with recommendations for the future use of any inspected underground or above ground tank.

Our bund and tank lining systems are compliant with the current Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG2) and SEPA regulations.

Key Services include:

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