These pressed steel Braithwaite water tanks were starting to leak in places.

This Braithwaite water tank had been leaking for some time. Our client had been welding patch repairs over the leaks from the outside to good effect. But this practise was becoming impracticable and they wanted a repair system that would last for at least the next 20 years.

The original factory bitumastic coating was breaking down and the exposed internal steel surfaces were rusting badly.?

The tank was drained and inspected internally. It was found that the original factory coating was breaking down, causing the internal surfaces to corrode. Because of the bad condition of the tank, it was decided to apply a reconstructive fibreglass lining covering the internal walls and floor.

The completed cured application was topcoated with a waxed polyester gelcoat/ flowcoat.

The internal surfaces were all keyed by abrasive sand blast cleaning. The preparatory works removed what was left of the original bituminous coating. A specialist resin primer was then applied to the cleaned surfaces, before repairs were made to the holed and eroded areas. The fibreglass lining system was then applied over the repairs to the complete wall and floor surface area.