This badly leaking CWST/ cold water storage tank in the West Midlands needed a complete refurbishment.

This leaking cast iron cold water storage tank in the West Midlands needed complete refurbishment.

After removing the residual water and de sludging the water storage tank, the internal surfaces were grit blasted back to white steel.

As the tank was being fed by a bore hole there was plenty of sludge inside.

Once the sludge was removed, we cleaned and keyed the internal surfaces by sandblasting. Removing all the rust and exposing all the underlying weaknesses with the tank. We had to use Hodge Clemco JBlast Supa sand blasting media to get the key we needed.

The many holes and eroded areas were repaired and reconstructed using layers of CSM fibreglass matting. Layers of fibreglass were applied over the previously made tank repairs and to the complete wall and floor surface area of the water tank.

The keyed surfaces were primed with polyester resin. When the primer was cured we repaired all the holes and reconstructed the corroded areas using layers fibreglass matting supported by gap filling paste and a WRAS approved polyester resin.

A polyester gelcoat was applied to the cured fibreglass lining ensuring water tightness and protecting the water tank against further corrosion for at least the next 25 years.

When all the repairs had been made and cured we applied the fibreglass reinforcement matting to the walls and floor area of the tank. The reconstructive fibreglass matting was impregnated with Lloyds approved polyester resin.

When the fibreglass lining had cured, a polyester gel topcoat was applied to the surfaces sealing the lining and ensuring water tightness.